Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Spotify Promotion

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Monday, August 30, 2010


These are some traits or values that I think one should re-assess within him or her from time to time. For example: How am I doing so far with responsibility? Am I still being generous/creative enough? Do I still have ambitions? What am I looking forward to in the future? Those are just a few questions that you might ask yourself. I hope you find the list useful..

Responsibility – Able to be trusted or depended upon                                   
Social tolerance – Having the ability to accept others even if you disapprove                                   
Generosity – Willingness to give                                   
Creativity – Being imaginative                                   

Ambition – Having a strong desire to achieve or succeed                                   
Vision – Imaginative ideas of what could be                                   
Equality – Believing that everyone deserves the same rights and treatment                                   
Cooperation – Working with others toward a shared goal                                   

Knowledge – Awareness or understanding gained through experience or study                                   
Thriftiness – Not being wasteful                                   
Security – Feeling free of danger, anxiety, doubt                                   
Wealth – Having a great amount of money or material possessions                                   

Respectfulness – Showing consideration or appreciation                                   
Progress – Steady movement toward a desired outcome                                   
Traditional values – Following the same principles and conventions from generation to generation                   
Innovation – Change by introducing something new                                   

Honesty – Having integrity, being truthful and genuine                                   
Opportunity – The chance for advancement or progress                                   
Self-discipline – Controlling desires and impulses for the sake of improvement                                   
Reason – Capacity for logical, rational thought                                   
Open-mindedness – Not being closed off to new ideas, people or experiences                                   
Power – Having authority over others                                   
Sense of community – Feeling part of an interdependent group of others                                   
Close personal relationships – Commitment to friends and loved ones                                   
Morality – Acting in accordance with standards of what is right                                   
Status – Having a prestigious social rank